Wednesday, October 17, 2012

First Mission Completed

      100_1629      100_1630

We arrived home to find the house beautifully redone, inside and out.  The new tile and carpet look great and the new landscaping outside was such a pleasant surprise.  Everyone worked so hard to get it done before we arrived and we appreciate a beautiful home and family to come home to. 

       100_1632     100_1631

We missed these beautiful hills and as much as we miss the people and places in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, we are glad to be home with family once more.  We had wonderful experiences sharing the gospel and serving where ever the Lord called.  We are finding what retirement is all about and are hopefully preparing ourselves for our next great adventure.


We drove home by way of Blanding, UT and spent the week-end with our kids there. 

        2012-08-19 18.46.30    2012-08-19 18.49.39

        2012-08-19 18.51.30    2012-08-19 18.51.49

The kids have all grown up on us while we were gone.  It’s always fun in Blanding.  We left Monday morning and made the final leg of our trip home, anxious to see our home and the kids there.