Friday, February 7, 2014

New Year in Canada

                                          New Years Eve at Whiteheads

We were able to take a short break from the office and celebrate New Year’s Eve with some of the other couples in the mission.  Elder and Sister Robison are the CES couple, Elder and Sister Rees are the office couple soon going home, Elder and Sister Whitehead are Temple Missionaries and the Gillens were MLS-turned office who serve now with us in the office.  It was fun to take a break from the stress of the office and visit for an evening. 

                                           Green & Scotts

President and Sister Scott are wonderful!  They work so hard and love the missionaries and the work. They will be going home this July so we will get just a few short months to work with them.

          IMG_0595    IMG_0596

Rod and I share an office. He takes care of all 95 cars and I take care of the mission secretary details and the health of 296 missionaries.  We are learning so much every day and know the Lord is blessing us to do the work.  Things are a lot different in Canada than they were in Pittsburgh so we have a lot of things to learn.

                                      Fast Sunday dinnat at Ludlows

Every fast Sunday, the Ludlows have all the mission and temple workers over for dinner.  They have been doing this for over 20 years.  Rod enjoys visiting with them since they are long-time members in the area and know the people he served with as a young missionary 46 years ago.


We were also invited to the Solomon’s for dinner one Sunday evening.  Bishop Solomon was just released as Bishop of the Brampton Ward and is the Temple Recorder.  They are both from India where they joined the church as some of the first members there.  They served a mission together in India and their son is serving a mission there now.  They have been in Canada for 14 years.  Sister Solomon served us some delicious Indian cuisine.  It was a fun evening with new friends.