Sunday, February 20, 2011

Missionaries and Mission Work

We are really enjoying the mission. The Wheeling Ward has about 500 members on its roles and less than 100 show up on any Sunday.  We have our work cut out for us.  We have loved getting to know the members, active and less-active.  There are wonderful people out here and everyone has been very kind to us.  Our new bishop is Bishop Skrzyneki (shin-es’-key).  He was called just before we got here. The ward mission leader is Brother Wylie and he is really trying to work the ward mission plan.  Our district has the two elders here in Wheeling, two elders serving in the Wintersville area and us.  We are the only unit in the mission that has two elders and a couple serving together.  Our first district meeting we drove about 45 minutes up to Wintersville to meet with the elders there.  Since then we have had the meeting at our home.  Last week we had the Zone Leaders too. They are all wonderful young men trying hard to find and teach.  We are hoping we can help keep them busy.  We feel good about the work here and feel the Lord has great things planned for this area.  We appreciate all your prayers to help us find those the Lord has prepared here in Wheeling to hear and accept the truth.


Elder Krivanec from Bountiful, Utah,  Elder Selfridge from Fresno,California, Elder Florence from Kaysville (he was at Davis High with Rod), Elder Clark from South Jordan (Zone Leaders) Elder Neerings from Midway, Utah and Elder Jeromchek from Spokane, Washington.  The last two are our Wheeling elders.

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  1. Dad, how do you like serving with a former student? He's probably loving that he gets to tell you what to do now :) Seriously though, that is pretty cool.
    Sounds like you guys are really needed out there. Keep up the good work!