Monday, March 21, 2011

A day in Ohio

We had another temple day and were able to drive to Columbus to the temple.  We had a wonderful session and a visit with the Chad and Kari Kawa from home in Centerville. They are in Ohio going to school and just happened to be in the same session we were. Chad had served his mission in Sendai, Japan where things were hardest hit with the recent earthquake and tsunami. He had just heard from Japan that most of the members from that area were in the temple when the disasters hit and were safe.  A great lesson on going to “higher ground” for safety against the tribulations of the last days.

We were also able to travel to Pittsburgh again this week for a mission training meeting.  We drove our Elders from Wheeling to help save miles on their mission car.  It was wonderful to be taught by President Summerhays and the Zone Leaders.  We were told that the most important position in the mission is the District Leader.  They can make or break the mission.  No pressure there.


After we left the temple we did a little trip down memory lane with Brendan and Marli.  We had to call Marli to ask for sure their apartment number but we found it.  We have good memories of our visits with them in Ohio. 

                                   100_0816              100_0818          100_0819

Dicks is where the old Galyan’s was.  Favorite shopping spots of Marli and Rod.

100_0820          100_0821

I was surprised that Rod could drive us right to where they lived while they were here going to dental school.  He has a great internal GPS if he’s been there once.

We had ward conference this week and enjoyed being taught by the stake.  Most of them had a one to two hour drive to get to Wheeling and some of them got lost because their GPS took them another way.  Everything is a little out of the way here, but we are loving it and it’s finally starting to warm up and turning a little green.  We continue to enjoy the people here and the members of the ward especially.  Rod was just called to be the ward executive secretary and will be serving closely with the bishopric now.  It should be a great blessing for our missionary work too. 

Remember, the church is true and that’s why we are out her in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  What a great opportunity this has been and we recommend it to everyone. 

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  1. What a fun trip! That's a cool story about Japan. Guess we should go to the temple more :)