Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Weird Noises

As it has gotten warmer we have been sleeping with our windows open.  We started hearing the weirdest noises from outside.  It reminded both of us of a squeaky belt on an automobile.  It goes for several seconds and stops and then another starts from what sounded like a different location.  We listened to this for several days until we finally found out what it was.  We have a pond in our back yard and there are frogs in it.  This weird noise is coming from these frogs.  As far as we can tell, there are six of them living in the pond.  They are very musical in a weird sort of way and they sing us to sleep at night now.

           DSCN3737           DSCN3741

The one on the left was making the sound and blowing out the little pouch under his chin.  Mystery solved. 

We had a Siete de Mayo party at the church Saturday.  We couldn’t have it on the 5th so we renamed it.  The Holbrooks got asked to head it up and they did a great job.  Adam is the Elder’s quorum president and is from Woods Cross.  Becky is in the Primary presidency and the week night Relief Society leader.  They have three daughters, Corduroy 5, Adylin 3, and Clover 1.  He is an ER resident at OVMC and will be here for three more years.  They served really good Mexican food and Becky even made homemade churros.  They had a piñata and other games for the kids.  It was a fun ward party and much needed.

      2011-05-07_13.12.33         2011-05-07_14.45.45

Rod contributed by vacuuming afterwards.  Actually, we cleaned the whole building after the party because it hadn’t been done and the next day was Sunday.  Fortunately it is a small building.  The Bishopric is working on a building cleaning schedule and scheduler.  That’s Dave Phillips, our YM president talking to Rod.  His wife, Misty, is in the Primary presidency.  They have three kids, Katlyn 8 who just got baptized, Lindsy 5, and Wyatt 2.  They moved here from Texas so Lindsy could receive medical treatment in Pittsburgh where the leading specialist in her medical condition is.  She can’t walk and has a muscle- deteriorating disease with a very long name I can’t remember.  They just bought a home  and are planning on being here indefinitely. 

We had a fun p-day this week in Pittsburgh with the Brenchleys.  President and Sister Summerhays were going to come too, but couldn’t at the last minute.  We met Brenchleys at Greentree where the stake house is and drove together down town.  We found a place to eat and then went to see the Pittsburgh Pirates play the LA Dodgers.  That’s been high on Rod’s list of things to do and the Brenchleys are going home in July so we want to do all these things with them before they go home. 

            2011-05-09_18.50.52        2011-05-09_19.06.05

                    2011-05-09_18.20.15         2011-05-09_22.23.48

The Pirates beat the Dodgers and Rod was even cheering for the Pirates.  He’s always been a big Dodgers fan.  It was a good game and a fun p-day for us.  The stadium is right on the river, as you can see.

We were invited by AD and Pam Wilson one night this week to a big gala evening at the WesBanco Arena where the Nailers play hockey.  It was a fund raiser for a medical clinic in Wheeling that gives free medical care.  AD sponsored a table and invited us as guests along with his two daughters and their husbands.  There was lots of good food and an auction to raise money for the clinic.  It was a good community event to be associated with.  AD is the first counselor in the Bishopric, Pam is the compassionate service leader and they both are called as missionaries to teach the addiction recovery class.  They converted to the gospel as a family when the girls were young. 

                    2011-05-06_20.23.58         2011-05-06_19.58.50

The missionary work is going great.  We have another investigator committed for baptism on May 28th.  The elders are teaching him and we have met with them several times.  Chias is from Guatemala and his sister, Lete, and some of her grandchildren are members.  We are also teaching a 10 year, Austin Beaver, whose mother, Rebecca, is less-active.  We have been meeting with the family since we got here and Rod is teaching Rebecca driving lessons so she can get her drivers license and have a way to get to church.   Hopefully Austin will be baptized soon.  Rebecca says Austin has been teaching his five year old brother, Alex, everything he has been learning.

We are loving the people here and they are loving us back.  We would like everyone to come out and meet them and see what a wonderful place this is.  We pray we are doing what the Spirit directs and accomplishing what He wants to happen in the Wheeling Ward.

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