Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Eight months

Another fun week in West Virginia and Ohio.  We actually made it a week without going to Pittsburgh.  Although, when we start driving out on some of these country roads which keep twisting and turning and trees so thick you can’t see much else, I get completely lost and as far as I know we could be in Pennsylvania. It’s a good thing Rod has a good internal compass. 

One of the fun trips we made this week was into the Ohio countryside to a gospel sing-a-long hosted by the Saunders.  They are the non-member parents of an active member, Patty Phllips,  The missionaries have been teaching them for years, but they don’t want to leave the comfort of their own little church in the country.  We’ll keep working on them.

     100_1219          100_1214

The sing-along features local musicians who come together annually for an afternoon of food and entertainment.  There were about 40 people there, including two preachers and nine active members of our church.  It was a good way to meet and mingle with some of the local folk, and the music and food were good too.

      100_1221          100_1215

Tom and Dotty Folmar are two of our favorite members.  They invited Saunders to our ward Labor Day breakfast which is how we got to meet them and when we got our invitation to the sing-a-long.  Patty is feeding her granddaughter, Emelyne, another favorite of ours. 

The missionary work is progressing and hopefully we will soon see some wonderful people we are helping to teach enter the waters of baptism.  The Duckworth family have committed to getting baptized in October.  Keep them in your prayers.

We recently read a talk from Elder Holland on the need for more couple missionaries.  We surely can recommend going on a mission together. It’s been a great blessing for us and hopefully we are blessing the people we are serving.  As we often say, “Every day is an adventure”. 

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