Saturday, July 14, 2012

We keep working and playing


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Terry and Marilyn Lotz came out to Pittsburgh to see us for a few days.  We were able to arrange things at the office to show them around the area.  We made it to another Pirates game where the Pirates lost to the Giants; there first loss in 10 games.  It was hot and humid and we were glad we were not in the sun. 

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The next day we visited Falling Waters, the creation of the architectural genius Frank Lloyd Wright.  It was given to and is preserved by the Pennsylvania Preservation Society and is in really good shape for an old home build over a water falls.  It was a second home for the Kauffman family, early retailers from Pittsburgh.  It was a 2 hour train ride from Pittsburgh and a year-round retreat from the pollution of the city.  Much of the home is cantilevered over a water falls.   It was fun to visit with Terry and Marilyn. 

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That evening we drove to Wheeling and were able to show the Lotz some of our first area.  We were invited to dinner at the home of Chuck and Patty Wylie along with the Allens and the Barkers.  We had a wonderful evening having our two worlds meet and listening to the Wheeling friends recount their conversion stories.  We will always love these dear friends.

We are very grateful to Terry and Marilyn for taking the time out of their busy week to come spend a few days with us.  We are experiencing many “lasts” as we prepare to wind down this mission adventure.  We have seen many tender mercies in this work and have enjoyed this opportunity for service in the Lord’s vineyard.

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