Friday, August 10, 2012

Trip to Palmyra

Since we extended our release date from July 7 to August 8, President Topham told us to go see a few of the places we wanted to visit.  Palmyra was on top of the list and Lindsey, Casey, Holland and Carly went there the same time we did.  Thanks to Kent and Kae and their great hospitality in putting us all up in their beautiful John Young home.

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Kent showed us the sites around their home including the baptismal site of Brigham Young and many of the saints who joined the church at that time.

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The Tomlinson Inn is where Samuel Smith gave the Book of Mormon to Brigham’s brother which led to Brigham Young being baptized. 

         100_1526      100_1525

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We visited the Grandin building where the Book of Mormon was first published and then Kent and Kae gave us a tour of the Sacred Grove.  It was fun to do with family.

           100_1535      100_1536

         We drove to the top of Hill Cumorah and saw the monument of Angel Moroni.           

           100_1537      100_1530

           And we looked down on to the Pageant stage and seating.

           100_1538      2012-07-21 22.21.33

Before the Pageant we met up with Chris and Michelle Southwick and Debbie and Mike Corry and families. 

It was a wonderful week-end with family and a chance to see more of Palmyra before we leave to go home to Utah. 

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