Monday, April 18, 2011

April Showers

Spring has finally sprung in this part of the world, but we have had so much rain that nothing has been planted yet.  It’s pretty soggy out here, but there are green trees showing everywhere and lots of green grass.  We are starting to see the beauty that everyone has promised us. 

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We are enjoying the labors of the previous family who lived here.  They are the Seaborns and have moved to Texas.  We have communicated with them a few times and she told us to enjoy her flowers she had to leave without seeing.  We are also looking forward to the possibility of holding some ward parties here since our back yard seems equipped for such gatherings.  The elders said they would come help us clean things up a bit. We just need it to quit raining for a while.

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The side porch with the swing is a fun feature and we hope to hold district meetings out there sometime.  There is a fan in the ceiling of the porch to keep the air moving when it gets hot.  I love listening to the wind chimes hanging from the porch and the many birds singing in the surrounding trees.   


Just so it’s documented, I do practice the organ almost every day.  I have had to play the piano in correlation meetings and relief society meetings for the past few weeks so I guess it’s a good thing I have practiced.  I also accompany the elders at weekly district meetings. 


This is our district for one more day.  We get to keep Elder Neerings and Elder Jeromchek (far right) in Wheeling, but Elder Selfridge (far left) is being transferred.  Elder van der Spec will get a new companion in Wintersville tomorrow.  We had fun taking this picture with five cameras on a timer.  Elder Green took a picture of all of us trying to get our cameras ready.  We have fun at district meetings with the Elders.


Wintersville is in Ohio and is about 35 miles north of Wheeling. There are people in the ward from both Ohio and West Virginia like Wheeling.  These are the only two units in the Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Mission that are not in Pennsylvania.  We feel special.

We continue to enjoy finding and meeting new people.  We have made some very good friends and we don’t get lost nearly as often as we used to. We have opportunities almost every day to testify of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and of the Book of Mormon.  We will be having our first convert baptism this coming Saturday and are very excited for it. 

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