Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week Ten

How time flies when you are having fun.  We have had the regular ups and downs of missionary work, but we are having fun.  Mondays are no longer our p-day because we are volunteering at Wheeling Hospital on Monday morning, so Tuesday has become our designated p-day; that is unless something else comes up and we need to go to Pittsburgh or meet with someone for a lesson, or we have a funeral, etc.,etc., etc. As you can tell, we really don’t have a schedule.  We just hang loose and try to adjust to whatever comes up. 


These are our volunteer uniforms and as you can see, we double badge it.  We have totally confused everyone with the Elder and Sister thing.  Especially the Sister because I’m not a nun and it’s a Catholic hospital.  We went to the yearly volunteer banquet last night where they give out the service awards.  It was a lovely event and we were able to visit with some of the other volunteers who serve there and hob nob with the administration some.  President Summerhays asked us to volunteer somewhere where we can meet the public to let them know we are just regular folks.  We think this is a good place to do that.  And it’s fun for me to be in the hospital setting for a bit. Rod has less enthusiasm for it.  He’s never liked being in a hospital.


Rod said I had to put this picture in so I had proof that I really do practice on my organ.  I played the piano in correlation meeting and Relief Society Sunday and started all the songs an octave higher because the organ key board is all to the right and I just go there on the piano.  It was a trick to change octaves in the middle of the song.


We visited the young elders apartment this week and this is how they decorated the wall in their dining room.  They are so enjoying their new apartment and they are really trying hard to keep it clean.  We are so proud of them. They are wonderful young men and I am really going to have a hard time letting them go if they get transferred next week.  Elder Jeromchek asked the president for one more transfer, but he thinks he’s gone.  He will miss the convert baptism we have scheduled on the 23rd.  Elder Neerings is District Leader and will probably stay a little while longer. 


We bought a new toy last week.  Rod has joined the fitness center and goes there when he can, but I told him I wanted to stay home and ride the bike, so this is what we got.  It was cheaper than a membership for me at the fitness center.  The elders are really enjoying it too.  They come to our house on Monday mornings while we are at the hospital and do their wash, write their e-mails home and now they can exercise too. 

The work continues.  Everyday we are finding more less-active families and individuals, trying to remind them that this is the restored gospel and address their concerns.  Everyone has a different reason for not coming.  As Rod loves to say, “they are reasons, not excuses”.  We love teaching the gospel and bearing testimony of it’s truth.  We keep learning while we are teaching.  It is truly a blessing for us to serve. Secret telling smileAnd to serve together.

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