Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Four month already

I can’t believe we have been here four months already.  Time flies when you are having fun.  We really did have fun this week at the Young Women Spaghetti Dinner and Auction.  It was their once-a-year fundraiser.  The spaghetti sauce was made by Jim Oliver at the Oliver Pie Shop.  It was delicious; almost as good as his pies.  Tom Folmar is a professional auctioneer and was the auctioneer for the evening.  The girls gave services and members of the ward donated all sorts of things to auction off.  We laughed so hard at him and everyone bidding against each other for dance lessons, crazy hats, aprons, nursing bibs, pies, bread and jam, cup cakes, quilts, dish cloths, wall sconces, baby sitting, lawn mowing, etc., etc., etc..

      2011-06-03_20.13.00         2011-06-03_20.13.24

One of the young women told Rod she just love watching him at the auction.  He really got into it.  Patty Phillips is in the blue apron at the front. She is the YW President. Tom is in the green shirt doing the auctioning.  Elise Wright and Helen Barker are standing by Ashley Groetzinger who is in the YW Presidency.  On the right, Jim Oliver is modeling a hat he bought.  Katie Oliver Zane and her husband Tom are sitting and Kelly sitting and Michelle standing at the end.  Michelle is also in the YW Presidency.  The girls made over $1100 from the night and it was a fun time for the ward.  It proves that service helps unite a ward.

We had transfer meeting at Greentree and we got a new elder.  Elder Jeromchek went to York and Elder Boam from Layton, UT came to Wheeling.  We said goodbye to Elder Florence also.  He was our Zone Leader and is going home to Kaysville, UT.  We will miss him and Elder Jeromchek. 

        2011-05-31_17.01.49    2011-05-31_16.58.25

Elder Rasmussen was transferred from Wintersville and is going to McKeesport Branch in PA.  He is a great elder and we will miss him too.  He forgot to put the guard on the clippers when he was giving himself a haircut so he ended up with a not-so-missionary hair cut.  President Summerhays gave him a hard time about it, but I thought he looked cute.

We had another funeral this week.  That makes four in four months for this ward.  Dora Burkey was home-bound and we had visited with her often.  She was a sweet heart and I am glad we had a chance to get to know her before she died.  None of her family are active so we have some work to do with them. 

We are having fun getting to know the people here in West Virginia and the young elders who serve with us.  Rod is helping the bishopric as he serves as executive secretary and we have just been asked to go with the youth of the ward as chaperones to the Pittsburgh Stake Youth Conference to be held in Palmyra in July.  We are looking forward to that trip and spending time with the youth of the ward and stake. 

The gospel is true and we are having fun as we share it with the people of Wheeling.

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