Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Member and Leader Support?

The work progresses and we are finding more and more less-active people of the Wheeling Ward. I doubt if we will find all 400 of them before we leave but we will give it a good try. We are still trying to figure out what “Member and Leader Support” really means. President Summerhays continues to tell us what a difference we are making here, but I guess we are too close to it to see any big steps. But we are getting to know and love the people of Wheeling.

We took our Wheeling elders to Wintersville for district meeting because the Wintersville elders still don’t have a car. After meetings in Wintersville we usually go out to eat at Taco Bell. It’s a favorite of the elders because they can get the $5 buck box with lots of food in it.

100_0963 100_0965


These are our cute elders. From left to right they are Elder Boam, Elder van der Spek, Elder Boughton and Elder Neerings. After we ate we dropped the Wintersville elders off just down the street so they could visit with an investigator and then they walked the four miles home. They will be very glad to get their car out of the shop, but we learned today that it will be another couple of weeks. Elder van der Spek is having some extensive dental work done and he is proud of his new smile. He really is looking great already.

100_0969 100_0970

We got to take a trip to Morgantown, WV this week. It’s out of our mission but a ward member needed a ride for her and her son to a doctor’s appointment at the University Medical Center. We toured campus and the city while they were in their appointment. Rod found the WVU stadium and I found the hospital. It’s about a one and half hour drive from Wheeling so it took most of the day but it was a fun drive and we had a good visit with a less-active member. I guess that’s part of what member support means.

Map picture

The map is for Maryn and Natalie’s and any one else’s benefit who are coming to Wheeling to see us. They are coming next week with Tiana, Kamryn and Edyn. This is from Pittsburgh. From the airport head south and west on I-79 towards Washington PA and then west on I-70 to Wheeling. Take the Triadelphia-Elm Grove exit. It’s about an hour drive. We are so excited to have them come. It’s Kamryn’s and Tiana’s eight-year-old trip with Grandpa and GG. We’ll have more about that later.

We know the gospel is true and we are having fun sharing it with the people of West Virginia and Ohio. We will be getting our new mission president at the end of the month and are looking forward to serving with him for our remaining year.

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