Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Being a holiday doesn’t really make a difference when you are a missionary.  Since it’s on Monday this year it became our p-day.  The elders came over and used the washer and dryer and computer after I had used the washer and dryer and computer.  The difference being we didn’t have to serve at the hospital because it was a holiday for them.  We decided to take the elders out for lunch and for a ride to Bark Camp State Park in Ohio which they would never have gone to if we didn’t drive them.  We enjoyed spending time with them.  There will be fireworks tonight but the mission president has told all young missionaries to be in their apartments by 6:00 p.m. tonight.

Wheeling shoots their fireworks from the suspension bridge that crosses the Ohio River.  We walked down to the river this week and it was beautiful. We had just met with Wes and Sara Walton who live down town by the river.

100_1049         100_1050

As you can see, Rod was on the phone with the Bishop while we were there.

      100_1051         100_1052

They were setting up for a concert they hold every Wednesday night by the river.

We drove to Wintersville this week again for district meeting.  Elder Neerings thinks it will be his last district meeting with us so we took pictures.


Elder Boam, Elder Neerings, Elder and Sister Green, Elder Boughton and Elder van der Spek.

We were out visiting members the other day and stopped at Carman’s to check on some things with them.  The kids said their mom was out in the field, so we went looking for her and this is how we found her.  She was so excited because she had just gotten her new toy: the front loader for the tractor.  She is definitely a multi-function woman who seems to do it all.  Did I mention she is our RS president?

                    2011-07-02_15.17.25           2011-07-02_15.17.33

I love her to death and told her I was taking her picture for my blog.  She gave the lesson on Sunday about the temple and mentioned that we need to journal and blog--as she smiled at me--to keep records for our children to read.  She’s awesome.

We are so excited to have gotten the official go-ahead to start an institute class for this area.  It will include thee wards:  Wheeling WV, Washington PA, and Wintersville OH.  Brother Webb, the Institute Director for this area, will send us the material we need so we can get started.  Hopefully we can get the young adults in this area interested and coming.


I couldn’t find this picture for last weeks blog so I am including it this week.  These are our girls at Hershey Chocolate World.  We invite all of you to come out and see us anytime.  We are having fun while we serve and teach.  Knowing and loving the people is what makes it the best.

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  1. How far is Wheeling from Atlanta- Jake and I are doing another adventure in August