Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Six Months Plus

I can’t believe we have been out over six months already.  How can couples serve only six months?  We’re just getting started.  At least in our circumstance, we need another year to see what more we can do to serve the Wheeling Ward.  We are finally feeling like we belong and that this is home for now.  The people are wonderful and you love those you serve.  Hopefully we are serving them and they, for sure, are serving us. 

We so enjoy having visitors come see the area and meet the people.  Tearsa, Ben, Cole and Elise came to stay another night with us on their way back home to Iowa.  We were able to have a birthday party for Cole who is now 4 years old.

    100_1127           100_1128



                                 Cole liked eating spaghetti on his birthday cake.

I bought a Dottie Folmor apron at the YW spaghetti dinner auction a few weeks back and  Dottie finally got me the apron on Sunday.  I modeled it at dinner Sunday night.  Dottie and her daughter each make a new apron every month so her aprons are famous. 

        100_1130          100_1125

We were able to go to the Columbus Temple on Saturday for the ward temple day.  There was only one other couple who were going so we picked up the Holbrooks and they rode to Columbus with us.  It’s legitimate to leave the mission boundaries if we have a member with us.  Adam and Becky have three little girls they left with the Wrights while they went to the temple.  It took us almost eight hours for the total trip.  Of course, that included visiting and eating before and after.  It was wonderful to get back to the temple again.  We miss our weekly trips to the Bountiful Temple. 

It has been in the high 90’s all week and we are especially grateful for the new air conditioning unit that the mission purchased for us.  The humidity is so high that your glasses fog up when you go outside.  It’s most comfortable just riding in the air conditioned car which is what we did when we drove to Pittsburgh again this week with the elders and had interviews with President Topham.  He is a wonderful leader and the mission is in good hands with the Tophams.

The work is progressing and we see more and more less-actives coming to church. We have two young men who are coming back with their families and two young people who we hope to see baptized soon.  We have our disappointments, of course, but we see the Lord’s hand in the work and He is guiding us here in the mission field.  And we are having fun doing it.  The Church is true and His gospel is restored and we enjoy telling and reminding people of that.

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