Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August Already

We can hardly believe the summer is almost over and we have been here this long.  Our missionary experiences have become widely varied and interesting.  We have come to know and love so many people that we visit and teach that we are having a hard time getting around to finding new members to visit.  One of the member families we have spent a lot of time with is Rebecca Beaver and her two sons, Austin (10) and Alex (5) and her parents, Louie and Vicki Michelli. Rod has been teaching Rebecca how to drive so she can get her drivers license. 

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Vicki and I took the boys to get everyone a drink while Rod and Rebecca practiced the maneuverability test.  They work at it for about 2 hours at a time.  The boys have watched the DVD on the Restoration in the car a couple of times while we wait.  Vicki has to drive Rebecca and the boys whenever they go any place so she will have a great weight taken from her when Rebecca gets her license.  We are also teaching Austin the lessons so he can get baptized soon.

We had a wonderful three days with Kent and Kae Servoss when they stopped to visit on their way to serve in the New York, Rochester Mission for eighteen months.  Everyone in the ward wanted to keep them.

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We showed them around the area and then took them shopping at our favorite discount store, Gabriel Brothers. Kent let Rod help him choose a few things.  He came away with three pairs of shoes, a few ties, a few sox and a white shirt.  Rod is a good teacher.  Kae also found a good deal on a new outfit but Kae taught me about KD’s a long time ago.

We drove to Wintersville for District meeting because the Wintersville Elders had a car accident and are without a car again.  No one was hurt in the accident, but Elder Boughton got his hands messy checking the car after the accident and wiped them off on the foliage at the side of the road.  As it turned out, it must have been poison ivy because his arms and face are now covered with a bright red rash and his hands are covered with watery blisters.  And he is miserable.  After the meeting, I called Dr. Mikesell, our mission physician, and he call in some prescriptions for prednisone and a strong topical ointment to help lessen the symptoms and misery.  We took them to a pharmacy after we ate and the prescriptions were ready to pick up.  Rod wrapped him up after he applied the ointment so the blisters wouldn’t break and weep all over.

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Elder Boughton is a faithful missionary and just keeps smiling through it all and keeps on doing the work.  Rod has great empathy for him.

We had 15 people show up for our first Institute class.  We are looking forward for the next class and are hoping for even more people to attend.  It was a combination of YSA and not so single or young adults.  We invited anyone who wants to come study the Book of Mormon with us to come.  I know we are learning a lot, but this is what we came on a mission to do: teach the message of the Restoration and the Book of Mormon is the tool the Lord prepared centuries ago to teach that message.  We are having a great time!

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