Wednesday, August 24, 2011

41 great years

We celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary in the mission field.  We are so blessed to have each other as companions.  We celebrated by going out to dinner, after a day of missionary work, at Cheddars with Patty and Chuck Wylie.  Chuck is our ward mission leader and Patty was just called to teach institute with us. 

We have helped move 5 families this summer.  Four are new families moving into the ward for school or work.  The last was a part-member family who needed help so the elders quorum came to the rescue.  Millie is non-member who just lost her husband and her son-in-law, Randy, is a less-active member.  They are all being taught the lessons now. 

2011-08-13 10.24.30          2011-08-13 10.24.45 

The bishop drives delivery trucks for A.D., one of his counselors.  He was able to use one of the trucks with the move.  They were moving MIllie to Wheeling Island which bisects the Ohio River at Wheeling.

The home we are living in just got put up for sale.  The owner is a member and needs to sell the home.  We’ll put it in the Lord’s hand as to what happens.  We could be moving too some day but the house market is really slow right now.  It has been shown twice so far.


Rod painted the front steps and side porch so it would look good show.  Needless to say, he got painted too.

                                          2011-07-26 21.56.26

The Brenchleys gave us these two tomato plants before they left for home.  They adorn our front steps and so far we have not killed them.  I had to document that they were still alive and well. 

         100_1157          100_1158

We have experienced all sorts of things that are new to us here.  One of them is an insect called by the locals as a milliworm.  They are caterpillars that spin a cocoon in the trees to protect them while they grow and eat off the tree.  They kill the part of the tree they are attached to and there are thousands of them covering the trees in the area.  They eventually turn into butterflies.  Something we never see at home.

100_1161        100_1160

We are enjoying the work and love teaching the restored gospel.  We found a great web site about the Book of Mormon.  This is the tool the Lord has brought forth for our day to teach gospel.  The site is  The Gospel of Jesus Christ will continue to go forth into the world, and the Internet is becoming a powerful tool for spreading the word.  We love being part of it.

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  1. Hi, Fun to read your blog. We will be moving on the 5th to the farm home of Joseph Young. We are excited about being in the country. Keep up the good work. Love, E & S Servoss