Thursday, August 11, 2011

Going to the temple

The highlight of the week for me was getting to go to the Washington DC Temple with the Pittsburgh Stake Relief Society.  There were 150 women in three buses with 7 priesthood holders.  We loaded the buses in three different locations around the stake so people didn’t have so far to drive.  There were 16 sisters from the Wheeling Ward who left Wheeling about 0600 and drove to Washington PA chapel to meet our bus.  The buses got on their way about 0700 and we arrived at the temple at 1230.  It’s a beautiful temple, but then, I’ve never seen one that wasn’t.

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Most of us attended a session but some who weren’t able to attend yet were able to visit the visitors center and the near-by church book store.  Barb Safreed, Renee Barker and Sara Walton were among those not attending a session in the temple from Wheeling but had a desire to share the temple experience with us.

We got to hear from President and Sister Tingey in a short devotional before the session and we were spiritually fed in both.  We had to load the buses immediately after the session for the long ride home.  We had a wonderful time in the temple as well as on the bus coming and going.

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Naomi Campbell wasn’t sure she could make it because she has some physical limitations but she made it and enjoyed the trip. We made it back home to Wheeling about 10:00 pm.  A long but enjoyable day.  I wonder if we enjoy the temple more if we have to sacrifice more to attend.

Rod had a good day in Pittsburgh with Elder Marshall while Sister Marshall and I went to the temple.  They said they were doing splits.

Moundsville is a town down river where several members live and where we spend a lot of our time.  It is named for the mounds that are found around the area.  They are ancient burial mounds which have been dated pre-Christ times.  It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

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We have had four out of five new families move into the Ward in the last month.  They are all active and experienced in church service.  They will be such a blessing to the ward. We tell them we prayed them here.  They are Jared and Suzi Halterman, Jory and Betsy Bulkley, John and Amy Stansell and Doctor and Elise Pringle. (I can’t remember his name)  They are all doctors of something.

My sweet mother celebrated her 90th birthday with friends and family this week in Rexburg, Idaho. She and my father served a mission in San Jose, California and have always been such a good example to us of faithful, gospel living.

              Estelle-purple             2011-08-09_19-30-24_7

                           Thanks, Mom, for everything and happy birthday.

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  1. Sounds like a fun temple trip! I wish we could have done a session there.