Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The weather has made that turn towards fall and we have had some much more comfortable temperatures.  I understand that is not the case at home in Utah where school kids are experiencing extreme heat in un-air conditioned schools.  We felt little effect from the recent earthquake and hurricane that hit the east coast.  We were in transfer meeting in Pittsburgh when the earthquake hit but we didn’t feel anything.  There were buildings in Wheeling and Columbus that were evacuated, we hear.  The hurricane came into parts of Pennsylvania but not much into our mission.

Transfer meetings were this last week and we lost Elder Boam.  We gained Elder Bluemel who has served in Wheeling before.  He will be a good addition to the team.

          100_1163     100_1165

This is Elder Boam, Elder Ames, Elder Bluemel and Elder Green. We are grateful we don’t have to be transferred.

Elder and Sister Bowcutt are our office couple now and come from the Burley, ID area.  They are wonderful!  He is 79 years old and they have served several missions together. They are a real inspiration to any couple who is contemplating serving a mission. 

We also got to drive to Greentree again this week to pick a food order for a ward member.  The truck comes from the Bishops’ Storehouse in Cleveland once a week.  It rained on us this time but we got things packed before there was too much damage.

        100_1167    100_1166    

We had to postpone district meeting for an hour so we could make the trip and still make it to the meeting.   But since the meeting was at our house and we were feeding them, the elders were good with it.

It was ward temple day this Saturday so we got to drive to Columbus to attend the temple.  After the session there was a stake youth baptism session, so we stayed so Rod could help with that.  Andrew, our newly activated and ordained priest was there for his first experience with the temple.  He is Brother Wylie’s home teaching companion so Brother Wylie brought him to the temple.


This is a picture of the temple taken from a little bridge that crosses a small creek and leads to a park and bowery that are part of the grounds there.  It is beautiful.

We had two non-members at institute this week with 28 people total.  The Lord keeps blessing this ward.  The work is not without it’s trials but we continue to enjoy it and try to be directed by the spirit.  There is no doubt that the Lord is in charge of the work.

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