Wednesday, August 17, 2011

“Summer of scorching heat”

That’s what the weather channel called this summer east of the Rockies.  Of course, we had to be living east of the Rockies when that happened.  The heat wouldn’t we as bad if the humidity wasn’t high too.  It has been so humid that all of our envelopes in the desk drawer stuck to themselves as if they had been licked.  It has cooled off this past week some and the humidity is down so the days have been more pleasant.  And I need to quit whining because we love it here.

A couple of months ago, Christian, our only active young man in the ward asked the bishop at BYC if they could have a dance.  The bishop gave him the go ahead, not realizing he meant a stake dance sponsored by the Wheeling Ward.  This week was the fulfillment of that request.  The youth got on their phones and started texting everyone they knew in the stake.  The results were that there were over 50 youth at the dance Friday night; many of them traveling up to an hour to get here.This cultural hall has never seen that many youth at one time.  The RS was asked to provide refreshments and there is a stake DJ who played music at no cost.  It proved to us that the youth crave being together with other member-youth and will make it happen if given the support of the ward.


The decorations were a few streamers of crepe paper and a disco ball donated by a ward member. They had a bon fire and made s’mores after the dance.  It was such a success, we heard them planning which ward would sponsor the next dance. 

We attended a wonderful leadership training meeting this last week.  We were able to attend and drive our elders to it at Greentree.  President Topham and the AP’s gave some great training and leadership tools and we were spiritually fed.  The sisters from one of the Oakland wards served us lunch.  These are two we became acquainted after the meal. They are Sister Anderson Christensen, Paisley and Sister Mock.  We learned that Sister Christensen lived in Brendan and Marli’s ward with her parents and love Brendan and Marli.  They were supposed to look for us but didn’t think they would ever see us.  It was fun getting to know them.


We celebrated Rod’s birthday on Monday by going to Pittsburgh after we served at the hospital and met up with Elder and Sister Marshall.  We were able to meet with Brother Webb and get some teaching material for Institute and then we toured a huge Catholic Cathedral close to the church building. 

             100_1153           100_1154

We ate dinner and then went to the Pirates game.  It had been raining all day but cleared up for the game and it was a beautiful night.  The Pirates beat St. Louis 6-2 and it was a fun game to watch.  We love spending time with the Marshall’s.

         100_1156       100_1155

We had our 20th grandchild born this last week.  She is Holland Estelle Green, daughter of Casey and Lindsey.  We got to see her on Skype shortly after she was born.  She’s beautiful.  We are so grateful she is here safe and sound.

                     photo (1)             photo

There were 120 people at church on Sunday.  That’s quite a step from the 67 people attending the first week we were here. Rod even had to put up more chairs. There were four Aaronic Priesthood holders there also.  The Lord is blessing this ward.  The new families are wonderful and will be a great strength to the ward.

We have no doubt that this is the Lord’s work and His hand is in all we do.  He is guiding living Prophets to guide us through these last days and we can find peace and joy by following them.

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  1. It is always nice to read your blog. It is so fun to be able to relate to things, since we were there for those few days.