Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall in the Northeast

I wish my camera could do justice to the beautiful colors out here.  Everywhere we drive we get beautiful surprises around every turn. We don’t have time to stop to take pictures of every scene so I just hope my memory can store them for me.  We only have one fall out here to remember.                        


President Topham is a former UDOT executive and one of the first comments he made to us was about the unusual and unique signage he has seen in this area.  We are always amazed at the stop signs on the on-ramps onto the freeways or the stop signs that give you a pass if you are turning right.  But, we have to admit, West Virginia drivers are usually very courteous.  Even if it’s their turn to go, they wave you to go.  It drives Rod crazy. 


Our missionary work is going great.  We are helping to teach some wonderful people and we love witnessing what the Gospel of Christ can do for a person’s life.  When we get discouraged we have to remind ourselves whom those thoughts are coming from and move forward in faith in the Savior, knowing He is directing the work.  Getting to spend 24/7 serving and teaching the gospel is a wonderful blessing.

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