Thursday, October 27, 2011

Work and Play


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The ward had a fun Halloween party at the church this last week.  There was a good dinner and then the primary kids got to mummy wrap the bishopric.  The bishop is on the left and Brother Carman is on the right.  The kids had a ball but I can’t speak for the bishopric.  They then had an hour of different games which Rod and I got to help with.  I got to man the pumpkin putt-putt game and dad got to man the balloon game where kids got to pop balloons by sitting on them.  I was glad I got to do the golf.

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This is another of the many faces of Sister Carman, our RS president.  She’s a good sport.  The evening ended with a cake walk which was a hit for everyone.  We had several non-members and less-actives there so it was a great missionary activity.

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The highlight of the week was the baptism of Albert Almonza.  Al wanted to be baptized on his birthday so he could remember the day of his re-birth.  We had birthday cake after the meeting.  Al is a sweetheart and a real student of the scriptures.  And he loves to serve others.

We know the heavens rejoice when another person enters the waters of baptism.  We are looking forward to the Duckworth family getting baptized next week. 

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