Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just Another Day at the Office

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The new mission office address is 2600 Boyce Plaza Rd. Ste. 101, Upper St. Clair, PA 15241.  That is where we will be getting all of our mail from now on.

Our desks are in the same room along with the AP’s. Rod is always on the phone talking with elders and sisters about their cars.  The phones pretty well manage themselves except for a month-end report.  I take care of the correspondence for new and departing missionaries, travel arrangements, keep track of where everyone is and order and disperse supplies and mail.  Rod says it’s like being at work.  I say, not even close. But, then, his work was putting out fires all day, so I guess it is for him.

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Elder Jex and Elder Huber are the awesome office elders who are training us to do their jobs. They are hard acts to follow. They really do need to get out in the field proselyting full time.  We have enjoyed going out with them in the evenings to help teach.  Elder Jex and Elder Green got six mission cars ready to go to the auction last week.


Sister Bowcutt bought two new dining room sets for the mission and gave us one of them. Out apartment will stay as an office couple apartment. The new couples have to pay $100/month extra for furnishings so they are trying to get nicer furnishings.  It’s still used furniture but nicer.  Thankfully, the elders do all the heavy lifting.

We are still having new adventures everyday and enjoying most of them.  We love the Lord and are happy to be serving where ever He calls.

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