Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Moving to Pittsburgh

We had our last district meeting with our Wheeling, Wintersville and Washington elders at Greentree with President and Sister Topham.  We will really miss our close association with those elders.


                  Elders Crandall, King, Copeland, Blake, van der Spek and Neilsen

After a very hectic week, we finally got everything moved out of the house in Wheeling into our new two-bedroom apartment in Bethel Park, a suburb of Pittsburgh. The hardest part was saying good-bye to all of our friends in Wheeling. 

100_1333           100_1332

The Barkers and Mike Orum were just some of our good friends whom we will miss terribly.  Lots of tears were shed and lots of promises to keep in touch.  They opened their homes and their hearts to us and we really miss being there. 

But on to the next adventure of our mission.  Rod is the fleet coordinator, taking care of 63 cars and all that it entails along with all the telephones in the mission.  It helps that he knows a lot about cars already.  I am the mission secretary and am not making friends with the computer very fast.  I am sure it will all sink in eventually, right?  I take comfort in the promise that the Lord qualifies those he calls.

Our new apartment is much smaller than the house in Wheeling, but it is comfortable and we are getting settled in.  And, yes, I did bring my organ.   

     100_1334       100_1336

We will be serving in the Pittsburgh 2nd Ward and will hopefully have some opportunities to visit and teach. We have gone out twice with the elders this week.

Although this is an entirely different experience, we have faith that the call was from the Lord and he will show us the how and why of it all someday.  We are just happy to be doing it together.

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  1. Hey, I thought Wheeling was a permanent call for the whole mission. I guess they had to accommodate Rod so it wasn't such a drive to the Pirates' games:) The old driver ed teacher is back with the cars- is part of that giving elders driving lessons? Glad to hear you are having a good experience, sounds fun. But... will there be room for us if we come visit???